About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to the Pie-Eyed Girl blog. I’m Helen and I’m a self taught pie maker from Toronto, Canada. 

If you love all things flaky, sweet and delicious (and, by that, I mean P.I.E.), you’ll feel right at home here.

My goal with this blog is to take the intimidation factor out of making a pie (no one should ever cry over pie) so you can experience all the amazing things that go along with baking your own pie … a great smelling kitchen, getting to announce (loudly and proudly) “I made this!”, and, oh yeah, getting to eat really good pie!

As a corporate writer and instructional designer, I’ve spent my career showing people how they can do lots of stuff … from building a carburetor to making a donut … and everything in between.

In my off hours, I became pretty good at making pies. What started out as a way to share my pies with friends and family took on a life of its own through my Instagram feed, collaborations with the Food Network like this and this, and Pie Camps that I began running from my home kitchen.

I’ll be posting here regularly with lots of recipes that I use and that I know will work for you. I’ll also share tips, tricks and techniques that I hope will inspire you to break out the rolling pin and bake a pie. Oh, and speaking of inspiration, if you’d like to see pie in your inbox as a regular thing, don’t forget to subscribe!

Let the pie making begin!