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Savory Pies

Easter Basket Pizza Pie

Sometimes called Pizza Rustica, this classic Italian Easter Pie can only be described as a quiche on steroids. Packed with Italian meats mixed with two types of cheese and bound with eggs, this stunner of a pie is traditionally served to celebrate the end of Lent. Here, I’ve created a […]

Fruit Pies

Holiday Wreath Spiced Cranberry and Apple Pie

It’s the holidays and I’m in a very festive mood this year.  I’m loving all the Christmas songs (Twisted Sisters’ rendition of ‘Come All Ye Faithful” excluded), the decorations, the food, the chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Okay, I don’t have an open fire but, if I did, you […]

Fruit Pies

Maple Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Lattice Crust

Pie people are a special breed. We treat most days as if they were made for pie. We know what we like and we’re not afraid to play favourites or defend our pie choices. Hello there sour cherry! So I guess it’s no surprise that there are few things more […]

Fruit Pies

Orange-scented Cranberry Pie

As far as I’m concerned, cranberries are the quintessential holiday fruit.  From sauce and stuffing to cheesecake and scones, the tart flavour and beautiful ruby colour of cranberries just make me feel all warm, cozy and hungry inside! Specifically, there’s something about the combination of fresh orange and cranberries that […]

Fruit Pies

Mini Apple Pie Squares

I love everything about Fall. The crisp days. The blue skies. The smell of logs burning in the fireplace. The awesomeness of golden-yellow Trembling Aspen leaves as they shimmer in the wind (best leaf name ever!). If you don’t have Trembling Aspen leaves near you, get in your car and […]

Pie Pastry

All-Butter Pie Dough

In my humble experience, there is nothing … and I do mean nothing … that cannot benefit from the addition of butter. Yes, I am a butter addict. I will spread it on shortbread cookies even though I know they are already loaded with butter. I will slice hunks off […]

Pie Pastry

Butter-Shortening Pie Pastry

The battle between butter and shortening-based pie crusts has been raging for years. In one corner, you have the butter disciples who swear that nothing can match the flavour and baked golden hues of an all-butter pie crust. In the other corner, there are the shortening fanatics who promise that […]

Fruit Pies

Fall Harvest Concord Grape Pie

When I was young(er), we had a vine in our backyard that produced fruit my mother called ‘wine grapes’. My friends and I would sit on the lawn in early Fall and eat bunches of these distinctive purple gems off the vine and convince ourselves that we were getting drunk. […]